Who we are

Trans Rescue is a non-profit-making foundation with the aim of helping transgender people worldwide escape from places where it is dangerous to be a transgender person.

We have volunteers in many places across the world, but we are registered in the Netherlands as Stichting Trans Rescue Foundation, registration number xxxxxxxxx.

We are the spiritual successor of TransEmigrate. TransEmigrate operated as a loosely organized collection of volunteers. We have incorporated as Trans Rescue to regularize our fundraising and work.

What We Do

We help trans people remove themselves from dangerous situations, in particular from dangerous countries.

We do so in a way that is legal and legitimate, and as physically and emotionally safe for our clients as we can make it.

We communicate clearly with our clients what our timetable is for moving them

We publish our books.

What we don’t do

We will never charge our clients anything for our services.

We will never disclose information about our clients.

We will never emotionally manipulate our clients.

We never profit from donations. We are a non-profit-making foundation from which taking a profit is illegal.

We have no ‘agents’. Anyone approaching you anywhere except our is a fraud. Talk to us here.

We don’t turn “save my life” into a popularity contest.

We don’t worry what “trans” means.

We are not here to provide funding for trans folks who are not in immediate danger and who could leave of their own free will.

We will never break the laws of the Netherlands, where we’re based.

We never break the laws of other countries, except where necessary those laws which actively target or endanger trans people.

We cannot give legal advice.